Engage your customers

Get actionable analytics on the customers visiting

your venue along with the social media benefits like Facebook check-ins/likes,

Twitter & Instagram follows

Plug-N-Play setup

Take control of your WiFi,improve customer loyalty,

retain and engage them through your Facebook,

Twitter & Instagram accounts

Offer Free Wifi

Set up a public WiFi hotspot

at your venue in less than an hour*

and start offering Free WiFi to your customers instantly!



Easy integration
If you have a pre-existing WiFi connection at your location, Social WiFi can easily be integrated with the network to provide a more beneficial solution

Brand Neutral
The login page and landing page are easily customized to represent your brand and can be updated according to your promotions

Actionable Analytics and Marketing
Analysing statistics and patterns from the demography visiting your business can prove to be invaluable when implemented into your marketing strategy


Our unique setup significantly reduces the monthly cost for a like solution and thereby allows for you to save money

We offer great security and protection of your network from outside elements

Autonomous branch to branch Internet Connectivity
Each branch can connect to the internet even if there is temporary unavailability of the internet at the main office.


Social WiFi

Social Logins
Your customers log in to the Free WiFi with a social media account or their email address

Social Reach
You get a marketing boost as your customers are able to check in, optionally like your Facebook page or follow your social media accounts.

Preferential Customization
Your customers can get instant access to the Free WiFi but boundaries can be stipulated by you as the platform is able to be customized to suit your preferences


Connection of multiple Local Area Networks (LANs) together via their respective and independent Internet connections is possible

Security Assurance
Allows for transmission of data while protecting the integrity of said data using encryption

Diversity of Device Integration
Allows IP based technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and similar devices to communicate with each other.


Social WiFi

Social WiFi acts as a marketing tool which enables you to target both returning and prospective customers; it does not have to cost you money, it can make you money.

  • Through our data analytics, you are able to get details of the demography to the extent shared by them including name, age, gender and email address. You are able to get insight as to the average dwell time of your customers, how often they visit and when or at what time they do so most frequently.
  • Your ads can be displayed even when your customers are no longer signed in to the WiFi
  • After logging into the network, your customers will only see content that you have decided to show them. This allows for brand awareness to be built and you are able to present specific information to your clients.


We are able to provide connectivity for multiple branches and as such, with the implementation of our unique and simple solution, you get to save money.

  • Hardware, installation and monthly costs are lower than competing providers
  • Implementation is hassle free as solution is easily integrated
  • There are no limits to connection implementation as we are able to provide regional and global connectivity

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